100th Day FUN!

100th day is one of the funniest days of school! We celebrate ALL day! Need some ideas to mark the 100th day of school in your classroom or home school? Take a look at all of my 100th day stations and activities. Take a peek at how I prepped them! Don’t forget to snag a couple FREEBIES too!

This is my teacher BFF’s door =) We celebrate the 100th day as a Kindergarten team!

I just celebrated the 100th Day… My students were SO excited as they walked through the doors. I attached a banner hanging from the ceiling “Happy 100th Day of School” and a SPARKLY string curtain [purchased on Amazon] they walked through as they entered my room! 

The 100th day was a SUCCESS! I couldn’t wait to share our 100th day together with you all! <3 Take a look at my stations!

100 Hershey Kisses​ [Counting to 100 & Identifying Numbers to 100]

What: I hid 100 Hershey Kisses around the room. I had the students find 5 of them. Then I called them up one by one to come up to the doc cam and we said the number. Then the child put it on the 100’s chart. This year we found ALL 100! I even caught students coming back to their seats comparing their numbers to see which was greater and less. Yes! (small victory!) 

​Prep: ​ You will need to write numbers 1-100 on stickers. Place them on the Hershey Kisses. Or you could just write them without the stickers.

Materials: Circle stickers, Permanent Marker, Hershey Kisses, 100 Chart, Hershey Kiss Response Sheet

Optional: 100th Day anchor chart! You can purchase it here https://bit.ly/3CIbEca

100th Day Sensory Bin [100s chart & finding missing numbers] 

​What: Students Search for numbers 1-100 in the Sensory Bin and then place the numbers in 100 Pocket Chart. You can adapt this for all learners and have selected numbers for them to find. You could have some numbers already in the 100 chart or have it completely blank. You could also print it 2x on 2 different colors. Then have 1 set in the hundreds chart already and the other set in the Sensory Bin. Then they match all the numbers.

Prep: ​ You will need to print number cards (here). Then laminate and cut out. You will need to purchase any items to put in your sensory bin.

​Materials: Sensory Bin, 100 Number Cards, 100 Pocket Chart or 100 Poster. I used black shredded paper and shredded shiny black tissue paper, mini trophies (I put 100 with a sharpie, birthday horns, and “Party-On Sunglasses” to give a celebration feel! You could also use play 100 dollar bills.

Lego Station 

What: Students build a Lego creation using 100 Legos.

Prep: ​ I just printed my Lego Station Center Poster. (here) Depending on the level of your kids, you might want to count out 100 Legos for them and only set those out.

Materials: 100 Legos, Optional: Lego Table and Lego student response sheet

100th Day Cookies [Great for parents to hear all about the 100th day with their child]

What: I ended the day giving my student the 100th day cookies! I told them to share it with their parents (Ha!) and share the amazing things we did today!

Prep: ​ Print the Cookie Topper (here)

Materials: Cookie Topper, stapler, ziploc bags, Fudge Stripes or any 0 shapes cookie, Crackers or cookies in the shape of a 1.

100th Day Hat 

What: I used these as Morning Work when my students entered. My students LOVE hats! This is an independent station and expectations are already known.

Prep: ​ Print hat or crown template (here) and make copies. I have a couple different versions as well to choose from! ** I have updated the hats. You can find the NEW version here.

Materials: hat template, sentence strips

Link Station [Great fine motor and skip counting center]

​What: Students connect 100 links together. I had them work together in pairs. The pair counted 50 and then combined them to make 100.

Prep: ​ Print link station page and the student page (here)

MaterialsLearning Resource Links, student page (optional)

Gumball Station [Fine Motor and counting]

What: Students Bingo Dot all the gumballs and then create the Gumball Machine.

Prep: ​ Print and copy Gumball Machine Craft (here)

Materials: gumball sheet, bingo daubbers

Cup Stacking Station [Team building and STEM]

What: Students will stack 100 cups while “Synergizing.” This was my students FAVORITE center! I am making this center with Sight Words for next week! <3

Prep: ​ NONE! Give the students 100 cups and let them build. (I did show the kids how to stack and showed them my Center Expectation Poster.)

Materials: 100 cups, 100 cup poster (optional)

Cup stacking was their FAVORITE station! Again, I emphasized TEAMWORK! We reflected which groups were able to build the highest and why.

Look at their expressions! Such fun!

100 Piece Puzzles [Team building & positive relationships]

What: I bought a ton of 100-piece puzzles. I found ones that would gain student’s interests. So we had cute animals, ocean, super heroes, etc. We watched a video on “synergizing” and had students work together to make the puzzles. I put on a timer and when a group would finish a puzzle, they then went to join another team to help them finish theirs! 

Prep: ​ Synergizing video on Youtube [put on GoNoodle so I wouldn’t have any ads]

Materials: station expectation (here), 100 piece puzzles (Amazon and Walmart)

100th Day Writing [Phonetic sounds and writing skills]

What: During Writing, they wrote about what they would spend a $100 on! It was hilarious what they thought you could buy with $100! HAHA The best part was seeing my students using their inventive spelling to write these sentences!

Prep: Print and copy writing sheet [There are different writing sheets included in my 100th day bundle]

Materials: writing sheet, pencils, and crayons

100th Day Snack [Feed our bellies!]

What: We ended our day with our 100th day snack during snack and pack. Students take 10 of each item and place it in the circles. Then we counted by 10s to 100! Yummy snack! =)

Prep: ​ Print the 100th day snack paper. I laminated mine so I could re-use them each year. I asked my parents for the donations and then I bought what we were missing. I sent home a donation letter.

Materials: 100 snack sheet (here), paper plates

Suggested items: chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, M&Ms, pretzels, cheerios, marshmallows, fruit loops, Chex Cereal, fruit snacks, raisins or yogurt raisins, Kix Cereal, etc. So many options!

Another addition I added this year was 100 words Anchor Chart! You can find it here! https://bit.ly/3X5IcVp

I hope you enjoyed my blog post! I didn’t get pictures of everything! I was caught in the moment….BUT… If you would like to see EVERYTHING I planned for the day…. Watch the video below!

I hope you have an AMAZING 100th day with your students! Let me know what your student’s favorite activities were!

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Snag the 100th day stations here on TPT!

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