Classroom Management – 10 Keys to starting the year off right!

Let’s talk classroom management… 

   Although there’s not one single method, procedure or strategy that will ensure success; there are a few things you can do that will help dictate how the remainder of the year will go. Without some of these key practices below in place you can count on some sort of disruptive behavior interfering with your teaching.  

Key 1: Plan for Success 

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 

While brainstorming lesson plans, make note of all the procedures and rules you want to teach!  

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Key 2: Teach it, practice it, and don’t settle

   What I’ve found to be most effective is practicing what I teach. Be specific, precise & clear so there are no misunderstandings and they understand your expectations. The more enthusiastic you are about the lesson the likelihood of the students being engaged increases drastically! I know it sounds ridiculous raising your hand a hundred times without making a sound or moving around the room… BUT… If you model it in a highly effective way your setting the tone of excellence. 

In the classroom I teach hand signals the 1st week.   These hand signals are an effective tool for your classroom management! These allow your classroom to run smooth for the whole year with minimal interruptions! 

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