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When I print, there are black boxes around pictures.

First thing I would try would be updating Adobe.
Open Reader or Acrobat.
Choose Help > Check For Updates. If a new update is available, it installs automatically.
Once installed, restart you computer.
Print the PDF again.

If that doesn’t work… Try this:
Click on “Advanced” at the top next to “Properties” (keep in mind that you might have to look for it somewhere else, depending on your version of Adobe).
You will now have the following options: PostScript Options and Color Management.
Right under Color Management, select “Print as Image”.
Finally, hit “OK” and apply any further adjustments to the document if needed. Once you’re done, hit “Print”.

I down loaded and tried to print the name tags but all it will print is the name. How do I get the whole thing to print? 

You have 2 options:
1. Type all your student names. You can do that by duplicating the slides so you can have your whole class made.

Then go to file – save as – drop down menu – click “PDF”… Then open the PDF and click print. That should solve your problem.

2. Go into printer settings click “print as image”

I’m trying to print the resource I just bought and it says you need a password? MAC user

You are opening up the resource not in Adobe. The workaround is to open it in Chrome.

I ordered a digital product off your website and I never received my order.

The order went to the email address you used to start your account. If you made an account on my website and not a guest, you can log in. Then click my shop -> my account -> my purchases -> Download all purchases.

I am preparing my name plates for my classroom, but when I print the slides, the printer leaves the background out. How can I print it properly?

Go to file – save as – drop down menu – click “PDF”… Then open the PDF and click print.

Can I make all the nameplates for my students using 1 template in PowerPoint?

 In PowerPoint, left click the slide and you will see the word “duplicate”… Then you just edit the slide with the student’s name. You can do your whole class at one time.

I purchased the name practice sheets and the fonts are not working.
  1. Do you have Adobe and using this software to open the file?
  2. Did you download all the fonts to your computer?
  3. Have you restarted your computer after installing the fonts?
  4. Did you download the file to your computer and then opened it from there? [Not TPT]
Why do I have to enter my personal information to download a freebie from your store?

You have to put your information in to make an account. From there you can re-download items just like TPT. If you purchase items from my store, I have to remit taxes. So I have to know where to pay the taxes to. That’s why it’s required. I don’t sell any information or anything like that.

The file is opening up as “read only”

Make sure you have downloaded the file. Then save it to your computer. Then open it from your computer not straight from TPT. I recommend saving it to your desktop and then double click the icon. It should look like the picture above

When I go to print it will not print the graphics. It will only print what I typed but nothing else. How do I get this to print with the graphics and my words?

Make sure you are printing in “full color” and not in Black and white. Check your printer settings.

On PowerPoint click on FilePrint, and make sure the Settings say Full Page Slides and Color (see the image below).