Voice Level Poster and Cards – Confetti Theme



Looking for a classroom management tool to help with voice levels? The Voice Level Cards is a quick and easy way to refer to the noise level in your classroom.

Voice Level Cards and Poster is an easy way to refer to the noise level in your classroom. The voice level cards (2 per page) for you to show your students the appropriate voice level throughout your day!

You can use these in pocket charts, clip cards, lights, on a ring, etc so many ways to use these!

Please note these are the CONFETTI theme cards. Please check my store for different themed sets!

What’s Included:

  • “Voice Levels” Headers (Full page size)
  • Cards Voice Level 0-4
  • The following voice levels are included:
  • 4- Outside
  • 3- Speaker
  • 2- Table Talk
  • 1- Whisper
  • 0- No voices

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