Teacher Postcards: We miss you students!

Over the last few weeks, schools began shutting down for the COVID-19 virus. I have seen and heard teachers, center directions, childcare providers, and parents feeling defeated, panicking, sadness, confusion and extreme stress! I have received messages from many teachers asking for help and advice. Facebook is flooded with teachers figuring out technology to keep learning going. Parents are trying their best to become teachers. Students are so torn from being away from their teachers and classroom for this LONG period of time!

As we practice social distancing to help stop the spread of this horrible virus… my heart aches for all the educators and students this has impacted! I wanted to help, but wasn’t sure how to. In an effort to take some of the burden off of teachers, I began creating distance learning materials [Boom Cards] for free for educators. Then, I had a teacher reach out to me asking me to make her a postcard to send to her students. I thought “how sweet!” So, I decided to create FREE postcards for teachers to send to their students to say “I miss you!” Click here to get them on TPT!

I made these editable to enable teachers to type their own special message to each student.

This resource has been shared on social media ALL over! It’s been downloaded OVER 6k times in 2 DAYS!

I asked my Facebook friends and followers that sent the postcards a question and was shocked by their answer! I never knew it would spread as far as it has! Then I had a thought… could we reach ALL 50 states?

This map shows all the states my teacher friends have shared them! Did I miss you state? Let me know by commenting below! Let’s make ALL 50 states!

I originally posted these postcards with 20 designs and now this creation has 150+! I have taken every personal request [emails and messages from social media] in hopes to brighten a child’s day!

As you may know.. teachers are resourceful and have a heart of gold! Not all postcards were sent in the mail. One teacher used them as a poster to place on their vehicle. Some teachers placed them on the windows of their classroom/house/ and mail box for students to see when they drive by. Others sent them digitally by email, See Saw, and Class Dojo so they wouldn’t spread the virus. One school is making a video with all of their teachers!

Doesn’t matter how you share and use these cards… Students ALL over the world are getting their “bucketfilled” with this kind gesture! Like I always say.. throw kindness around like confetti!

I wanted to share some posts, pictures, and stories to show the impact of one small gesture can make a world of difference!

These pictures of students receiving them fills my teacher heart so much!

(All pictures posted with permission)

margerumsjags Sending these out to my learners! Grab these adorable cards from @miss.hacker on @teacherspayteachers#athomelearning#lovemystudents

kinderinbloom “The first day of student online learning has me feeling like… 🎶 I want to be where my students are 🎶 It’s almost been 2 weeks since our Spring Break, and I wish I could say I’ve fully adjusted to this new normal, but I haven’t. ☀️ On the bright side, my first two weeks of lesson plans are done, report cards are done, I’ve uploaded two videos to FlipGrid, AND we made it through our first day of online learning! What are you proud of today? How cute are these FREE post cards by @miss.hacker?? The Little Mermaid is my favorite! You can send them through the mail or email! •

misspinprimary Who doesn’t love getting mail? Even though I can’t see my kiddos I’m hoping this will be a bright spot as they receive this! Thanks so much to @miss.hacker for this awesome resource on TpT!

“Thank you!!!! Mine went out today 💕” Savannah B

Shared from: Savannah B

kczarnek These are adorable and a great way to tell your students how much you miss them! Lots of different designs to choose from! Thank you @miss.hacker for your creativity! #iteachkindergarten#distancelearning

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Hear what teachers are saying!

As you can see…you never know the effect one kind gesture (making cards for a teacher) can have such a HUGE ripple effect. Especially in times like this, we need to come together! I challenge you! Ask a neighbor if they need some groceries, call a friend and check on them, donate to the homeless shelter, or write a Facebook post thanking all the essential workers who are risking their lives to provide all of the necessities, keeping us safe, and healthy. This is the time we need to be more patient and understanding with each other. We will get through this… like we always do! We are stronger together!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!

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