Tips, Tricks, & Teaching Strategies for Educators

The teaching profession can be stressful and hard sometimes! I am here with some tips and tricks to help you get through the day! Come back every week to see the newest strategy/trick to keep your students focused, keep you organized, and variety of tips to help you out! Let us know which ones you found most helpful!

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Hang anchor charts on your whiteboard using these magnetic curtain rods! ♡
I use binder rings to attach the charts to it 
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My students have pencil boxes at their seat. I used to store them in $1 bins. But they would always take crayons and scissors out while I was teaching. So I ended up buying locking top containers to stop all the fidgeting and touching supplies. It also helped keeping things organized and preventing supplies from getting lost. And at the end of the day we stacked the containers up so I can sanitize and clean their tables! Michael’s Link >>>
Control Voice Levels using touch lights! Amazon Link
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