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Tutoring Adventure!


Welcome! Here you will find me using crazy, spunky, creative teacher ways to help boost kids confidence and their self esteem through hands-on learning! Follow me on my journey and come back weekly to check out the fun!

The Best Part


Want to know the best part about tutoring?? The ability to work 1 on 1; in skill sets where the child is lacking confidence. My lessons are derived from my passion to teach & being creative! While some of these lessons might not be feasible in the classroom, you can easily alter them to fit your needs.

We have fun!


Check back often to see what we have been up to! Get ideas to use in your classroom or your child!

Take a peek!

Nerf Gun Phonics


Find what your student is intrigued by. Here you see that I incorporated their LOVE for Nerf guns to make an exciting, interactive phonics game in this video.

To Create:

Make and laminate phonics cards.

Attach cards to Solo cups with tape.

Build a structure ​​(blocks here) space out the cups .

Say a Phonics sound and the student must shoot the cup.

Squirt Gun Sight Words


Here we are working on sight words. This low prep fun game could be done outdoors at recess! You say a sight word and it could be a competition on who squirts the correct word first.

(Squirt guns and chalk purchased from Dollar store)

Giggle Wiggle Worm Game


Hooray for Spring! Getting buggy for sight words?

For a rapid sight word review, leave the game on and have student(s) read the word and place the ball on the worms hand.

Giggle Wiggle


This game could be used numerous ways for a center.

Here we used it to review sight words for the week. Read the sight word out loud and then students have 5 seconds to put the ball on.

​Find the Giggle Wiggle Game here

Searching for sight words

This video is contagious!

Just look at how much FUN he is having learning!

Here the student wrote the words with chalk using sight word cards (found here). He pulled a word, read it out loud, and we competed to see who could squirt the word first.