Boom Cards: Getting Started!

What is Boom?

Boom is a platform that allows teachers and parents to purchase digital activities that you can assign to your students/child.

Boom cards “decks” are made up of digital task cards for students to complete. You can easily access these decks using the Boom Cards app or Boom Learning website.

Reasons why I LOVE Boom!

  • Differentiating is SOO EASY! (you can assign different students different decks!)
  • Data and Feedback! Students get immediate feedback and teachers can see the data on how students scored.
  • Students are engaged and love it! They love the badges and digital “rewards” for their hard work.
  • No more printing, laminating, and cutting out!
  • Independent work – All of my creations include audio directions. Little support needed!
  • Saving time (less grading!)

Here is a video of them in action!

Making an account – Easy as 1,2,3!

Are you ready to get started? Make a FREE account and try it out!

First you will need…

  • Device: computer, tablet, or interactive whiteboard
  • Internet Connection: Use a browser that is 3 or fewer years old (OR the free Boom app)
  • A free or paid Boom Account (link below)

Setting up an Account

Click here to take you to Boom: (referral link)

Now choose the best method to make an account.

Now, type your teacher name “Miss. Hacker”

Now it’s time to make your classroom and add students. Choose “New classroom” or “Import a Google Classroom”

I am going to walk you through “New classroom”…

  1. Click New Student
  2. Type the student’s name & password (I make the password easy for my Kinder students. I also make it the same password for all kids. Passwords can be changed in their account too)
  3. Repeat the process until all students have been added. You will see them in your classroom.
  4. If you have multiple classes you can add more classrooms!


With a FREE account you can have up to 5 students.

Due to the COVID-19 Boom is allowing you to upgrade for FREE until June!!

In your settings, you can access your membership.

As of 3-24-2020 this is the membership prices.

You can use Boom for free! Here is how you can use a FREE account (please know it’s limited)

Go to your “Library,” find the deck you want students to use, click on “FastPin” and select “Generate New Pin.”

You have 2 options from there…

  • Option 1: Copy and paste the complete link for students to play, or…
  • Option 2: Go to the Boom main page ( on a computer (or on the Boom app). Click on the “FastPlay” button. Enter the pin and click “play.”

Please note: A pin is valid for ONLY 5 days. After the 5 days are up, you’ll need to generate a new pin for students to use.

However, a paid account allows you to:

  • Get reports about student progress and activity
  • Assign students multiple decks to work on
  • Create an entire classroom of student logins

In my opinion… It’s SO worth the paid account!

How do I purchase your Boom cards on TPT?

Take a look at my Boom page on my website:

  1. Head to my TPT store and download my decks from Carolyn’s Creative Classroom TeachersPayTeachers store.
  2. Check out from your cart (Like you would normally)
  3. Download the resource and open up the PDF.
  4. Inside the PDF, you will find links to a Boom deck. There is a slide with a laptop. Click the picture and it will take you straight to the Boom’s website!
  5. You will see that deck in your “library” on Boom!

How do I assign decks to my students?

You now have…

  • Your teacher account set up on Boom
  • Made your classroom and student log ins
  • You have downloaded the FREE Boom cards in my TPT store.

Now you are ready to assign those FREEBIES to your students!

There are a couple of ways you can assign them!

If you want to assign the deck to your WHOLE class.. Follow this way!

  1. In your Library, find the Boom deck you want to assign.
  2. Click the blue “action button”
  3. A drop down menu will appear, click “assign”
  4. A pop up menu will appear, then click the box to assign them to the classes you want.

If you want to assign certain decks to students and want to DIFFERENTIATE! Follow these steps!

  1. Click the “classes” tab on the top bar.
  2. Then click the classroom “Miss. Hacker” (located on the side)
  3. Click on the individual student you want to assign a deck to.
  4. Click the blue button with down arrow
  5. A drop down menu will appear, click assign.
  6. A popup menu will appear, then click the box to all of the decks you want to assign that child.

I hope you found this blog useful! I can’t wait to hear how much your student’s are loving BOOM!

I will be answering more Boom questions in another blog post! Comment below with any question you want answered or join my Facebook group here!

Thanks for reading and come back often to see my newest FREEBIES, blogs, when the next sale is, and giveaways!

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