Grinch Day

December is one of my FAVORITE months!

–  Our Elf makes his debut

–  Having the room decorated for the holidays

–  Pajama day for Polar Express

–  AND Grinch Day

Every morning the excitement my students exhibited when entering the classroom looking for our elf was exhilarating. You can see pictured above the elf was “captured” by the Grinch on this occasion adorning my “Merry Grinchmas” banner in addition to green streamers at the class entry and green glitter sprinkled throughout.

Each morning started with a Morning Message; but today’s… The Grinch took over! I read the class a letter about how he has a small heart and planned to take over the day. 

Our class brainstormed ways we could “bucketfill” him to grow his heart utilizing the anchor chart and sticky notes. I cut the sticky notes into hearts.

We colored Grinch Hats for morning work.

  FREEBIE hats you can find them here  (From Danielle Mastandrea)

We read “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” followed by making a story map anchor chart,

Students then independently put the story in chronological order while I played the cartoon version movie.

 During Writing students wrote ways to make the Grinch smile! Students did an incredible job writing sentences! 

We used paper plates to make a Grinch craft.

When students returned from lunch, the Grinch had placed green streamers throughout the room and a note to try some “Grinch Juice.”

** Like our chimney? Find out how I made it for under $20 here

We enjoyed drink while doing some directed drawing. (Pause the video and draw along with them)

This video is great about trying your best and is VERY kid friendly!

Art For Kids Hub (YouTube)

*HINT* If you can’t access Youtube on your school computer… Put the link on GoNoodle! (No Ads either 😉 

Art For Kids Hub (YouTube)

The kids did AMAZING!

After drawing the picture, Students wrote one compliment to the Grinch to fill his bucket!

These were left in the classroom while they went to specials.

Then they returned, the Grinch had left “Grinch dust” at their desks. Students mixed the dust to reveal it turning green! 

Grinch dust” I put plain sugar in a zip loc bag and carefully put green drops of food coloring in the middle.  

During Math, we were learning about measurement. So why not make Grinch Slime!?!? Oh so messy, BUT oh so fun! We learned about using exact measurements… 

(My eyeball measurement example didn’t turn out as pretty)

We talked about measurement tools, counting, cause and effect… so many standards! 

Hint… We added glitter to make it more exciting! 

Our centers were also “Grinched!” 

  • Sensory Bins had split green peas and Christmas items. I rotated the sensory bin to include different skills (Alphabet, letter sounds, CVC words, sight words, and sentence reading). 
  • Grinch puppets for the retelling center (Find the Puppets here , Mini Puppet Theatre here)
  • Sight word cups stacked to build Christmas trees (Used green cups from the party store)
  • Sorting word family presents on the Grinch sled
  • Fine Motor Mats (Alphabet) – I used playdoh, floam, mini erasers, and tweezers with pom poms!
  • Of course we couldn’t forget the Grinch Write the room! 😉 

These centers were such a hit we kept them for the rest of December!

When the kids returned from recess, the Grinch said “thank you for the notes” and he left us a cake to enjoy for snack and pack!

Find this tag by Valerie King here

The Grinch also left green beaded necklaces on their table with a note and candy canes in their stockings!

Materials I purchased:

  • Green candy canes
  • Green beaded necklaces
  • Green glitter
  • Green streamers
  • Green sprinkles
  • Green cups
  • Green food coloring
  • Bowls
  • Spoons
  • Ice cream/ Ice cream scooper 
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • Sprite
  • Sugar
  • Borax

Overall, I am one tired teacher but I hope I left lasting memories! 

Happy Holidays!

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