Bee Literacy Centers – 6 Stations



Need something for insect or bee theme? Need a hands-on game for literacy centers?

What’s Included?
Pgs 8 Links to the games
Pgs 9-23 “I Can” posters ( Come with pictures and directions on how to play)
Pgs 25-35 Letter Cards (Capital and Lowercase Letters)
Pgs 36-43 CVC words (Spelling CVC words looking at pictures)
Pgs 44-91 Blending CVC words (with green, yellow, red circles)
Pgs 92-113 CVCe cards
Pgs 114-143 Digraph Cards (ch, sh, th, wh)
Pgs 144-164 200 Sight Word Fry Cards
pg 166 – Blank Sight Word Cards

Pg 167-309 Black and White Pages (exact same skills as above)
Pg 310-311 Copyright Pages

Included is editable version of (Honeycomb, bee, and sight word pages). It is in Powerpoint with text boxes. You can type with any font or size you choose!

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Miss. Hacker
Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

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