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Please select the TOTAL quantity 1st.
***Only use “color change” option when adding your 2nd/3rd/4th/etc colors to your cart. **
>>If you don’t select shipping, your order will automatically be refunded and will lose your place in line (backorders). <<

Please look at the picture to see all color options.



Carolyn’s Classroom Caddies combine the ability to display a student’s name tag with a portable supply box that holds the student’s supplies! [PATENT PENDING]
Easily change a student’s seat without having to rip up tape to remove nameplates! No more dealing with students picking at tape while you’re teaching!
Students can take their nameplate holder around the classroom for flexible seating and have their supplies with them!

This is a hard good item. This is NOT digital. There is no download included.

Size: Small

Dimensions: 8 inches wide, front to back: 3 inches,

Supply Box inside: 7.5 inches by 2inches     [You can fit 7 pencils and close the lid]

Colors: Choose your colors using the dropdown menu. Make sure to look at the picture carefully! Some colors are an extra charge (glow in the dark, rainbow, etc)

Watch a video to see a closer look at colors!

*[Important – If you want multiple colors] Please add your 1st color and select the shipping option with the TOTAL amount of nameplates you are ordering. Then go back and add your other colors using “COLOR CHANGE” and it won’t charge you shipping for color changes.

Example: I want to order 5 red, 5 blue, 5 green, 5 yellow  = 20 nameplates

  1. Add the red nameplates using the TOTAL number to be shipped (16-20).
  2. Then add 5 blues to the order with the shipping “Color Change” – FREE
  3. Continue process until all colors are added to your order/cart.

Durability: Watch the drop test here!

Lids: Lids are optional, and you can find them in my store! Lids are an additional $1 per lid. You can mix and match colors too. Click here to see how lids work and are installed

Care & Cleaning: A care sheet will be included with your order. Click here to watch the tutorial video on how to clean your nameplates.

How long will it take to get my order?: Orders are printed in the order they are received.

You will receive a notification if they are backordered. Join my group to see my backorder list.

Where can I find the name tags?: You can find digital versions of my nameplates on TPT here.

Can I make a Donor’s Choose project to pay for these? Yes! Read about it here!

School Orders: Please reach out for school pricing and tax exemption. []

Important Information

  • These are 3D printed.
  • These are NOT dishwasher safe! The heat will ruin the nameplates.
  • Keep indoors only!
  • There are 3 size options: small, medium, XL – Make sure to purchase the correct size you need.

Shipping Information

  • There is NO FREE SHIPPING!
  • You must select shipping for your order to be processed.
  • Shipping is through USPS.
  • Priority includes $100 insurance in case your order gets lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • If you live outside of the US and need to make a custom order, please reach out to to get a quote made! [separate listing]

If you have any questions, please reach out via email

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Small, Medium, XL

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