Carolyn’s Line Up Dots [Bright Polka Dots]



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Are you looking for a way to help the transition in lining up? Eliminate kids fighting to be first, students cutting in line, arguing for spots, and long transition lining up!

These are my Bright Polka Dots version.

Need a specific theme, let me know by emailing me at I will be adding more choices based on demands.



  • Line leader
  • Door Holder
  • Caboose
  • Lights
  • Numbers 1-10, 1-20, or 1-30 (Choose the BEST set for your needs!)

This is a HARD GOOD! Just peel and stick. There’s not much prep work for you. Easily removable with no residue for up to 6 months


Directions (Please read carefully)


Application surface must be clean and free of grease and dust. Remove loose dirt or particles from
application surface with a stiff-bristled brush. Extremely dirty surfaces may require additional washing.
Prevent contact with solvent- and ammonia-based cleansers. Two drops of dish soap similar to Dawn or
Joy in one gallon of water makes a good cleaning solution. Surface must be rinsed and completely dry
before graphic is applied.


1. Carefully position  the circles so that it is properly aligned, then press the exposed edge in place
using light pressure.
2. Using your hand or a soft plastic squeegee, lightly press the film into place.
3. Working continuously, peel away more of the liner and apply light pressure to the film. Continue in
this manner until the liner is completely removed and the graphic is in place. Do not remove the
entire liner prior to application, as this may cause excess air to be trapped under the graphic.
4. Using a soft squeegee, work from the center to all edges carefully pushing out excess air
5. Finally, using a squeegee with very firm pressure (a hard rubber roller for exterior ground
graphics), work from the center outward in all directions, paying close attention to the edges to
ensure 100% adhesion to the surface.


We recommend avoiding solvent and ammonia-based cleaners, including citrus-based cleansers such a
d-Limonene (promoted as a “green” solvent), as these can interfere with the adhesive, causing edge curl.
For best results and longevity, use cleanser sparingly and do not saturate the floor around the graphic.
For additional surface protection, a roll-on liquid laminate may be applied. As with any new process,
individual testing should be done with any new cleaning solutions to prevent damage to the graphic. Floor
cleaning machines and buffers are not recommended and can cause edge lift and damage to the graphic.


Removing line up spots, if installed properly on approved or tested surfaces, should not be a difficult task.
Removal is recommended in temperatures of +50°F to +86°F. Use a hard squeegee or putty knife to lift a
corner of the material at an angle of approximately 45° to 75°. Once a corner is free, pull the line up spot
back on itself slowly at 180° with consistent pressure. To reduce the chance of residual adhesive residue,
DO NOT pull out at a 90° angle. The spot’s adhesive is formulated to remove cleanly for up to 6 months
after installation from most surfaces. Should a small amount of adhesive be left behind, take a piece of
the removed material, apply to the residual adhesive, and lift slowly. This will help pull the adhesive off
the surface

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Numbers 1-10, Numbers 1-20, Numbers 1-30

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