Chunky Monkey Reading Strategy [Decoding Strategy]



Are you working on decoding words? Are you in need of a small group activity to teach how to decode and chunk words? Need a hands-on literacy center to that is self correcting to practice isolating and sounding CVC words out?

What’s Included?

  • Optional: Links to 3 games you can purchase on Amazon to play with these cards
  • 3 “I can” posters (With picture examples of directions)
  • Labels (circle and square) Use this label to place on the box that has the monkey puppets for students.
  • 1 Poem/ Chant
  • 1 poster [Hang up in the classroom or enlarge to put on anchor chart]
  • Student Mats [Use these mats in small group for intervention. You can use letter tiles, laminate and write with dry erase markers, or add bingo counters.
  • Student Monkeys [Cut the mouths open to have students find chunks into their words/books]
  • Chunking Cards
    • 163 Chunking cards (ONLY cvc words) Print and laminate cards. Then have students use dry erase markers to circle the “chunk” and read the words. I use these in my small groups and then this will be a center with a monkey game.
    • 20 Read and Reveal Word Endings (These cards are self correcting!) Endings -s, -es, -ing, -ed Fold the cards and add clothespins to cover the picture. Have student read the word and the check. Use this in literacy centers for independent practice.
    • Word Chunks Cards – Print and laminate. Then have students use dry erase markers to color in the chunks in the word. I pair this with a game. I use the monkeys to put up in the room for students to reference.
      • The cards range from Kindergarten to 2nd grade. Pick and choose which ones work for you!! For example, Kinder – cab/tab 1st crab/ grab 2nd fabric, crabby/tablet
      • ab, ad, ag, am, an, at, ap, eb, ed, en, et, ig, in, i[, it, is, ix, ob, od, og, op, ot, on, ub, ut, ug, un, um, up, ut, us


  • 5 Recording Sheets

How to use this?

  • Small Group Instruction – This is perfect to pull a small group for intervention time!
  • Whole Group – Chant the poem and have students find the chunk in the words to help them decode the word. This would be perfect for a quick review during morning meeting or end of the day!
  • Literacy Center – Have students pull the cards out and play a monkey game. Then have students complete the recording sheets.


Directions for use:

Print the cards and poem on cardstock for extra durability . I would recommend laminating the cards so you can use them again and again. It works well to keep them in a baggies.

What if I need something added?

If you would like any custom pages, please e-mail me at and I would be more than happy to create it for you!


How do I open this?

Please note: You will need Adobe Viewer to open these cards. They are secured and flattened. There is no editable version in this product.


Hope you find this resource useful! =)

Thank you for visiting my store! Have a question before you purchase, please e-mail me at


Carolyn Hacker

Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

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