Digraph CH, SH, PH, WH, TH – Anchor Chart, Cards, Circle Maps, & more!


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Are you looking to teach digraphs meaningful way for your students?

Digraphs in this set: CH, PH, SH, TH, WH

This set includes:

* Digraph Anchor Chart – You will get pieces you can print, cut, and glue onto an anchor Chart. This chart is made so you can reuse it over and over again for each letter. I laminate mine. Then I add velcro dots for the picture cards. Then my students and I can write on any additional pictures/words to the circle map using Expo Markers. I can erase it at the end of the day/or week. Then use it for the following digraphs!

* Picture Cards – There are 12 picture cards per letter. 6 pictures have the digraph in the beginning of the words, and the other 6 pictures have digraphs in the middle and end of the word. (except wh – all pictures are in the beginning).

There are 2 sets of picture cards – 1.) Words in black 2.) Words with the digraph in red and underlined.

* Circle Map – There are 5 circle maps (1 per digraph) and 1 blank version.

* Recording Sheet – There are 5 sheets (1 per digraph) with 10 dotted lines for your students to write down words that begin with that digraph.

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