Editable Awards and Certificates ( End of the Year) BW Version




This product includes ONLY black & white awards! If you want color, check my store for the bundle or color option!

You must have Powerpoint in order to open this! The Powerpoint file of awards has text boxes that you may type in. You can move it around or add your own text boxes. You MAY NOT change the picture. That are secured (due to clipart Terms Of Use). Text boxes included to fill in the names and the date. Any font will work. You can download Fonts on TPT for FREE!

Awards Included:
4+ Attitude
A+ Attitude (4 Options)
A Honor Roll
AB Honor Roll
All E’s Award
Always on Task (2 options)
Amazing Egg Drop (3 options)
Amazing Mentor (3 Options)
Amazing Volunteer
Artsy Artist
Best Attitude (3 Options)
Best Group Leader (4 options)
Best Handwriting
Best Manners
Best Team Supporter (2 options)
Born Leader (3 Options)
Bubbly Personality (11 Options)
Brilliant Bus Patrol Officer (3 Options)
Care Bear
Cheerleader (6 Options)
Cheerful Attitude (5 Options)
Citizenship Award (3 Options)
Class Artist(3 Options)
Class Baker (3 Options)
Class Banker
Class Clown (2 Options)
Class Comedian (2 Options)
Classy Citizen (4 Options)
Class Dancing King and Queen
Class Dancing King (4 Options)
Class Dancing Queen (4 Options)
Classy Citizen
Class Detective (8 Options)
Class Librarian (4 Options)
Class Music Maker (8 Options)
Class Role Model (2 Options)
Class Storyteller (2 Options)
Class Weatherman (3 Options)
Class Photographer (3 Options)
Classy Citizen (3 Options)
Computer Wiz (3 options)
Detective Award (3 Options)
Early Bird Award
Eager Beaver (4 options)
Environmentalist (2 Options)
Excellence in (Math, Reading, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, Writing)
Expressive Reader
Event Planner
Fact Finder (4 options)
Flower Power (5 Options)
Forever Friend (7 Options)
French Flair (2 Options)
Friendly Messenger (9 Options)
Friendly Neighbor
Friendly Neighbour
Future Actor
Future Secret Agent (3 options)
Future Architect(3 Options)
Future Artist (2 Options)
Future Art Teacher
Future Author (4 Options)
Future Baker (2 Options)
Future Baseball player (3 Options)
Future Basketball Player (3 Options)
Future Bus Driver
Future Barber
Future Boxer (2 Options)
Future Carpenter
Future Chef (3 Options)
Future Coach (4 Options)
Future Designer
Future Detective (3 Options)
Future Director (2 Options)
Future Doctor (4 Options)
Future Drama Teacher
Future Electrician
Future Engineer (5 options)
Future Event Planner
Future Farmer (3 Options)
Future Fighter (6 Options)
Future Fisherman (3 Options)
Future Football Player (3 Options)
Future Gardener
Future Guide (5 Options)
Future Golfer (2 Options)
Future Gymnast (2 Options)
Future Hockey Player (5 Options)
Future Librarian (3 Options)
Future Mailman (4 Options)
Future Mail Lady
Future Math Teacher
Future Mathematician
Future Mayor
Future Mechanic
Future Music Teacher (2 Options)
Future Movie Star (18 Options)
Future Musician (2 Options)
Future Nurse (4 Options)
Future Officer (3 Options)
Future Package Delivery (2 Options)
Future Painter (3 Options)
Future Paramedic (2 Options)
Future Photographer (5 Options)
Future President (2 Options)
Future Principal (3 Options)
Future Reporter (5 Options)
Future Rock Star (4 Options)
Future Runner (2 Options)
Future Science Teacher (2 Options)
Future Scientist (6 Options)
Future Singer (3 Options)
Future Skateboarder (3 Options)
Future Surfer (4 Options)
Future Surgeon (2 Options)
Future Soccer Player (3 Options)
Future Spanish Teacher
Future Swimmer (2 Options)
Future Teacher (7 Options)
Future Vet (2 Options)
Future Volleyball Player (3 Options)
Future Waitress
Future Wrestler (2 options)
Future Zoo Keeper
Geography Wiz (3 Options)
Green Award (2 Options)
Green Thumb (2 Options)
Happy Birthday (9 Options)
Happy Camper (7 Options)
Hardest Worker (2 Options)
Helpful Hand (10 Options)
High Growth in Comprehension (2 Options)
High Growth in Fluency (2 Options)
Keeper of the Peace
Leadership Award
Lifter Upper (8 Options)
Listening Ear (2 Options)
Homework Hero (2 Options)
Love of Learning (3 Options)
Making the Cut Scissor Club (3 Options)
Marble Run
Master Builder (3 Options)
Master Engineer (2 Options)
Master Motivator
Master of Organizing (2 Options)
Master Storyteller (3 Options)
Master Tutor (3 Options)
Mighty Music Player (6 Options)
Most Creative (3 Options)
Most Determined (2 Options)
Most Dependable
Most Enthusiastic (4 options)
Most Improved (Attitude, Reading Math, Science, Social Studies, Writing – 3 Options each)
Most Inquisitive (2 Options)
Mr/Mrs Curiosity
Mr/Mrs Cooperative
Mr/Mrs Manners
Neat & Clean Printing
Out of the World (2 Options)
Out of your Shell
Outdoor Adventurer (7 options)
Perfect Attendance (3 Options)
Puppet Master (3 Options)
Problem Solver (3 Options)
Puzzle Master (2 Options)
Ravenous Reader (4 Options)
Reader of the Year
Recess King (4 Options)
Recess Queen (4 Options)
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (4 Options)
Responsibility Award (3 Awards)
Rocking Reading Buddy (2 Options)
Roll Model
Safety Award (5 Options)
Sharing & Caring Friend (2 Options)
Smartboard Guru
Social Butterfly (3 Options)
Speed Racers (7 Options)
Spelling Bee
Sports Enthusiast
Super Hero Award (3 Options)
Super Participation
Super Reader
Super Speller
Super Sweet Student (2 Options)
Squeaky Clean (4 Options)
Team Player 94 Options)
Technology Guru (8 Options)
Thinks of Others (2 Options)
Tidiest Desk/ Table (8 Options)
Tidy Up Award (5 Options)
Time Keeper (2 Options)
Top Math Star (3 Options)
Tough Cookie (3 Options)
Word Wizard
Writer of the Year
Worker Bee
Young Author (2 Options)
Zipper Club (3 Options)
Zoo Keeper

These awards are in full color and black and white.

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