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Are you looking to eliminate the questions and comments “what do I do?” “Now what?” “I am done!”.. I get it! Have ELL students and need picture directions? Look no further! After giving verbal directions I reinforce them with visuals. Students can refer back to them throughout the lesson or activity.

How to use this?

You can use clips to hang them, put on the white board with magnetic strips, or place in a pocket chart.

What’s Included?

  • Cards (1-10) First, Second, third, etc
  • 200 pre-made picture cards
  • Blank & Editable Cards
  • Instruction Sheet

Cards Include:

read (book, kid reading), color (crayons, paper with crayon, colored pencils, markers), stop, write, draw, trace, paint, highlight, check your work, match, number (your paper), letter (your paper), file (in folder), file, put in cubby, put in mailbox, turn in (2 storage containers) name, name and date, cut, glue (bottle glue, glue stick, glue sponge), tape, staple, hole punch, paper clip, fold (2 types – vertical and horizontal) measure, tally, solve, graph, count, build, point, line up, sit (desk, table, rug) raise hand, bathroom, wash hands, meet with teacher, play a game, pack up, unpack, centers, unfinished folder, circle, sort, count, underline, cross off, label, trace, clip (clothespin), clean up, place in (folder, binder, cubby, cart, desk, mailbox), read with a partner, work by self, work with a partner, work in a group, sanitizer, wash hands, mix, create, build, check with teacher (couple versions male and female teachers), tear paper, bingo dot, blend words, read (sentence), practice sight words, practice your spelling words, morning work (kid and bin), computers, laptop, research, clean your area, measure, experiment, mix, build, plan, math, A.R. Test, Lexia, Dreambox, erase (eraser, board eraser, whiteboard eraser), record, whiteboard, smart-board, clipboard, search, fold, flip, interactive notebook, notebook, paper clip, hole punch (1 and 3 hole puncher), desk, table, listen, watch, pencil/crayon box, point (finger, pointer), playdoh (play, create, make), Ipads, tablet, complete work, finish work, journal, centers (reading and math), raise hand, pair up, find partner, folder, binder, garbage, dump trash, recycle, solve, morning tub, free center, help a friend, sharpen pencil, grab pencils, bathroom, drink, put pages in order, test with teacher, work with teacher, Tidy up, Sit on the carpet, Sit in a circle, Get from book bag, STEM, STEAM, book bag

IF you need something added, just e-mail me!

How do I open this?

Please note: The EDITABLE version is a Powerpoint file. If you do not have Powerpoint, you will not be able to open this file and use it. You will need Adobe to open the pre-made cards.

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Carolyn Hacker

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