Gingerbread Baking up Beginning Sounds Sort



Need something engaging to practice beginning sounds? Have a gingerbread theme?


How to play?

  1. Choose 2 or 3 different letter cards.
  2. Mix the cards up. For more fun have the students put them in a mixing bowl.
  3. Then students will grab 1 gingerbread. To add some fun to it and work on fine motor add a spatula to pick up the gingerbread.
  4. Next, the students will say the picture and place it in the correct cookie sheet mat based on the letter cards.
  5. Check your work (Add stickers to the back of the gingerbread to make it self-correcting)




  • Print the letter cards and beginning sound cards.
  • Laminate the cards for durability.
  • Optional: Add stickers to the back of the cards to make them self-correcting.
  • Optional: Purchase cookie sheets, spatulas, and mixing bowl.


What’s Included?

  • 26 capital letters on cookie sheet clipart. (Place these on the cookie sheets or pocket chart for sorting)
  • 26 pages of alphabet beginning sounds.
  • Each letter has 6 pictures (except x has 3)


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding this resource or if you would like a personal request!


How do I open this?

Please note:

  • The game cards are NOT editable. You will need Adobe to open the PDF file. All images and fonts are flattened and secured.


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Carolyn Hacker

Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

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