Name Practice Craft – Hands-on Practice – Crayon Craft for Bulletin Board



Are you looking for a FUN back to school craft to review name practice? This can be used for a back to school bulletin board! This can be used in a Literacy Center! So many uses!

This set includes:

  • Blank Set – Students cut crayons and build their names (If a child has a name greater than 10 letters use this set). You can staple the sides and bottom of the crayon box. Students can easily take the crayons out to practice putting together their name! Use cardstock or laminate the crayons for durability. This would be perfect to send home for extra practice or homework!
  • Template – Names with 2-10 letters. Students will cut and glue the craft. Do not cut the crayons.

This is not editable! Student will write their name on the crayons.

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Miss. Hacker
Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

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