Name Practice, Letters, and Sight Word building: Hands-on Word Work



This BUNDLE includes activities for name practice, letters/alphabet, and 220 Dolch Sight Words!

Easy prep Literacy Centers made by using pool noodles or foam block. Just cut a slit in the middle for the card to stand up.

Two options for Sight Word Cards: 1.) Use Pool Noodle and letter cards. 2.) Build it! Cards that you can use manipulatives such as play-doh, magnetic letters, stamps, etc

There are multiple recording sheets included in this! There are 3 versions to include letters, name practice, and sight words. The recording sheets include letter tiles, stamping, beads, sand box, play-doh, bingo daubbers,etc

This Bundle Includes
>> Option 1: “I can find the letter” cards and letter cards (capital and lowercase)
>> Option 2: Sight Words – 220 sight words (Can be used with the pool noodles or foam.
>> Option 3: Name: “I can build my name” cards in 5 polka dot colors and EDITABLE lined name sheet to type student names. Then cut out the cards and students manipulate the cards to build their name.
>> Option 4: Other: Sight Word Cards – Use with manipulatives to build the sight words. (magnetic letters, playdoh, sand, stamping, bingo daubbers, blocks etc
>> Option 5: EDITABLE – All the sheets in editable form. FREE link to download the font I used in this resource.
>> Option 6: Recording Sheets – There are 27 recording sheets. Multiple skill levels that include writing lines or boxes to write letters/words/names in.

Please download the Preview to get a better look at this resource! There are over 300+ pages!

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Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy this product. =)

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