New Years 2022 Decodable Readers NO PREP New Years Booklets


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Celebrate New Years in your classroom with these printable decodable books. These decodable readers are the perfect appropriate text for younger students. This booklet is geared for K-1st students. It includes sight words in addition to vocabulary words related to New Years.


  • Intro/Example/Directions (Pg 1-4)
  • Decodable Reader (Pg 5-22) No dots
  • Decodable Reader (Pg 23-40) Dots under words for tracking
    • Title Page (Write their name)
    • Vocabulary Words Included: Date, dress up, hats, balloon, party, sing, confetti, noise, cake, fireworks, awake, goals, clock, countdown, 2020, New Year
    • Sight Words: it, is, look, with, me, at, the, make, let’s, are, you, I, can, like, will, a, we, where, up, do
  • Copyright Pages (Pg 41-44)

How do I open this?

Please note: You will need Adobe or Adobe Viewer to open these booklets. They are secured and flattened. There is no editable version included.

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