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Do you have an aqua or polka dot theme in your classroom? These would be PERFECT!

This is my Aqua Polka Dot alphabet posters set #2. If you are looking for a different set or another theme, check out my store! Don’t see a theme? E-mail me!

Multiple ways to use these! Hang them on the wall, use them in a variety of centers or make them self correcting. You can print 1 per page or smaller for flash cards by printing multiple to a page!

** THERE ARE 2 VERSIONS (Primary font and D’Nealian font)**

Foster alphabet recognition, phonics development, and proper letter formation with this set of Alphabet Picture Cards in Traditional Formation and D’Nealin style.

Each card displays the capital and lowercase letter, a coordinating brightly colored image, and the appropriate text label.

Directions for Use:
Print each alphabet picture card.
If possible, laminate the cards before use.
Hang the cards to in your classroom as a decoration/reference to display all letters in the alphabet.

A – apple, acorn
B – bee, button
C – cat, camera
D – dolphin, dog
E – elephant, eagle
F – flower, fire
G – grapes, glue
H – hippo, helicopter
I – igloo, ice
J – jar, juice
K – karate, kangaroo
L – lion, leaf
M – moon, mailbox
N – nest, numbers
O – octopus, open
P – pig, pizza
Q – queen, question mark
R – rainbow, rocket
S – seal, scissor
T – turtle, tissues
U – umbrella, unicorn
V – vest, volcano
W – whale, water
X – x-ray, xylophone
Y – yogurt, yak
Z – zoo, zebra

Please take a look at the preview to see the poster before purchasing! Thank you! <3

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at carolynscreativeclassroom@gmail.com

Don’t forget to leave FEEDBACK. I appreciate ALL feedback and always to keep improving!

Thank you for looking!
Carolyn Hacker
Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

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