Second Grade Objectives – “I can” posters Common Core



Do you have to display your objectives/earning targets in your classroom? These are Common Core Standards for 2nd Grade! You can put them in clear sleeves on the white board. Or you can have them on rings and flip to the standard you are targeting in your lesson. Some many ways to use these!

Easy Prep! Print and display!

These posters are made for 2nd Grade with lots of pictures. Students will know what skills are being taught in the classroom and it is easy to reference throughout lessons, small group, etc.

Need it smaller? Go to printer settings -> Print 2 to a page. (Half a sheet).

This set includes:

▪All of the subject headers (Reading, ELA Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies) ** 6-25-2016 I added “Knowledge” and “Skills”

▪I Can Statements for ALL 2nd Grade Common Core Standards in Writing, Reading, Language, Math.

▪Science and Social Studies is NOT included! There is a blank version you may type on. Since the standards vary state to state, look in my store to find the state you teach in to get Science and Social Studies. (Don’t see your state? Check back often as I add them)

▪20 Editable Slides for additional customization. (Don’t see something you need? E-mail me for a personal order)

▪“Focus Wall” and “Objectives” Banner not included. Find those in my store with different themes!

Make sure you have the correct program for this resource. To edit the files, you should use PowerPoint (newer than 2003). If you are trying to use a different program, you may run into various formatting issues. I won’t be able to help you with. ONLINE versions of PowerPoint and programs such as Google Slides do not have the same capabilities as the full version of PowerPoint (Font issues, etc.). If you don’t have access to the FULL version of PowerPoint at home, check with your school.

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