Sensory Bottle FREEBIE Recording Sheet [Alphabet]


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Are you using sensory bottles in your literacy center? Need an accountability recording sheet? Look no further! This freebie is sure to keep the kids engaged and focused!
If you need a more challenging recording sheet, you can have the students fine the letter and find a word on the word wall that starts with that letter. Use this recording sheet FREEBIE!
How to play?
  1. Create your sensory bottle.
  2. Add letter tiles or letter beads in the bottle.
  3. Students shake the bottle and the 1st letter they see the student will trace the letter on their recording sheet.
  4. Play until the student has found EVERY letter!
  • Print and make copies of the recording sheet.
  • Make your sensory bottle (change out for themes)
  • Purchase letter tiles or letter beads.
What’s Included?
  • Uppercase and lowercase tracing letter recording sheet (both girl and boy)
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding this resource or if you would like a personal request!
How do I open this?
Please note:
  • The recording sheets are NOT editable. You will need Adobe to open the PDF file. All images and fonts are flattened and secured.
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