Sound Wall – Phoneme with Mouth Examples (Ocean 1 Theme)




Foster phoneme development with these posters and cards by displaying them on a Sound Wall! A Sound wall is a place students can reference when they are reading and spelling words. Group these phoneme cards by sounds!


Each card displays the phoneme coordinating brightly colored image/images, and the appropriate text label with the phoneme in red.


Theme: Ocean 1 Theme

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How to Use This:

There are multiple ways to use these! Hang them on your sound wall, use them in a variety of centers or make them self correcting, or in a book (binded) to teach mouth positions during whole group or small groups!



  • These are made FULL SIZE to fit on a sheet of paper. However, you can make them small in your printer setting!
  • You can print 1 per page or half size for your poster on the wall.
  • You can print them small 4 to a page or even smaller for flash cards by printing multiples to a page!


Directions for Use:

  1. Print each Poster, Card, and Labels.
  2. If possible, laminate before use.
  3. Hang the cards to in your classroom on a sound wall as reference.



  • 4 Locked Posters (Cover your sound wall. As you teach the phoneme uncover the cards beneath) 4 different versions. Comes in Color and B/W.
  • Mouth Cards (31 different versions) These come in a variety of skin colors!
  • Banner – Spells “Sound Wall”
  • Labels – short/long vowels, diphthongs, schwa, digraphs, voice/unvoiced, r controlled, vowel, valley, affricates, fricatives, nasals, liquids, glides, stops, 2 sounds, lips together, teeth on lips, back of throat, tongue between teeth, tongue behind top teeth, back of tongue lifted, lip rounded tongue pulled back, soft and hard, double endings, consonants, vowels, blends, l/r/s/ blends, final blends, special blends, 2 letter blends, y vowel, sounds of ed, double consonants, silent letters, multisyllabic words, vowel teams, heart words, ghost letters, exceptions, glued sounds, closed syllable, combinations, trigraphs, soft sounds, long vowel combinations, special vowels, other sounds, other blends, other patterns, common patterns, syllable types, syllables, advanced vowels, schwa sounds, chunks, word families, sight words, all vowel sounds are voiced, and BLANK one to write your own labels.
    • Voiced Labels to add to phonemes.


  • Phoneme Cards
    • Vowels (with and without symbols)
    • Constants
    • aw, oo, yu, oi, oy, ou, er, ir, ar, schwa, zh, sh, qu, ch, ng, wh, th


  • Posters
    • Each Sound has 2 options to choose from! Each poster is in COLOR ONLY! Poster has a word with letters highlighted in red.
    • Consonants
    • Double Endings – bb, cc, dd, ff, gg, ll, mm, nn, pp, rr, ss, zz
    • Digraphs – ph, ch, sh Voiced and Unvoiced /th/ (Want more digraphs I have digraph posters in my store that match!)
    • Diphthongs – au, aw, oi, oy, oo, ew, ow, ou
    • Final Stable Syllables – ble, cle, dle, fle, gle, kle, ple, sle, tle, zle
    • Short Vowels: a,e,i,o,u (with or without symbols)
    • Long Vowels: a,e,i,o,u (with or without symbols)
    • Long A: a_e, ai, ay, ea (steak) el (veil)
    • Long E: e_e, ea, ee, ey , e , ie
    • Long I: i_e, igh, ie, y
    • Long O: o_e, oa, ow, oe
    • Long U: u_e, ui, ue, ew, ou
    • Trigraphs – air, are, ear, eer, ere, eau, dge, igh, iou, ire, nth, oar, ore, sch, scr, shr, spl, spr, squ, str, thr, tch, ure
    • R-Controlled Vowels: ar, or, ie, er, ur
    • Y Vowel: y as /i/ sound, y as /e/ sound
    • Silent Letters/ Ghost Letters – bt, gh, gn, gu, is, kn, lf, lk, lm, mb, mn, nd, pt, rh, sc, sw, wh, wr
    • Schwa Sounds
    • Soft Sounds: soft c, soft g
    • Sounds of ed: /d/, /t/, and /ed/ or /id/
    • Other Patterns: oo/oo (hook/tooth) , ing, k, s (sugar), ch (machine/chef), s (rose), ve, ge, gi, gy, cy, si, ci, ti
    • Suffixes (60 posters) Only 1 option for each suffix.
    • Prefixes (54 posters) Only 1 option for each prefix.



Please take a look at the preview pictures to see the poster examples before purchasing! If you want more information on which picture is on the posters feel free to email me.


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Thank you for looking!

Carolyn Hacker

Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

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