Spring Alphabet Center – Literacy Center


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Are you looking for Spring Centers? Look no further! These cards can be paired up with the game “Jumping Jacks” or stand alone game with matching or clip cards.

Literacy Centers Included:
Center 1: Alphabet Letters (Capital and Lowercase letters)

The bundled set included 15 centers. You can grab it here:

Laminate and print the card on card stock for extra durability and use them again and again. You can store them in ziploc baggies, containers, and pencil boxes.

Self Correcting:
Add stickers on the back of the cards to make it self correcting in the center!

How to Play:
I am using this game with “Jumping Jacks” which can be purchased at Amazon. (not included in this purchase).
1. Student A takes a card and answers the card.
2. If correct, student grabs a carrot from the game. If child gets it wrong, then puts the card back in the pile.
3. If the rabbit pops up, then they lose. However, you can play this multiple ways. Like when it pops up, if they catch the rabbit then they win!

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