Spring Math Center Game – K-1st (Counting, Ten Frames, Comparing Numbers, etc)



This resource includes:
-1 Game board (2 different versions)

– 10 Math Sorts
1. Comparing Numbers (greater than, less than, equal to)
2. Counting Cards
3. Shapes (You can make this into 3 games – 2D shape sort, 3D shape sort, or combine and do 2D and 3D sort)
4. Place Value – Underlined number and name if it is in the ones, tens, or hundreds place.
5. Tally Marks – Counting 1-10
6. Addition – Sums to 10
7. Subtraction – Difference 0-10
8. Even and Odd – Numbers 0-10 and identify whether the number is even or odd
9. Ten Frames (2 sets #1-10, #11-20 for teen numbers)
10. Number Bonds – Finding Sums of the number bond

– Examples of how to use the sort with different materials

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