Virtual Learning CHAMPS Clip Chart



Are you distant learning this year? Need a visual reminder for students? Look no further!


This is a hard good item. This is NOT digital. There is no download included.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


You will receive:

  • Printed and laminated Posters: C (conversation) H (help) A (Activity) M (Movement) P (Participation) S (Success) S (Signal) S (Supplies) The clipart is all virtual learning geared. You can hold up the post and point during your lesson. Or you could hot glue them and assemble them together into a clip chart.


How to Use:

  1. Use them as posters and point to each dot as you go through your lesson.
  2. Assemble the posters together and hang it up. Then use clothespin as you go through your lesson to give students a visual of your expectations.


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