Voice Level Poster and Cards – Bug / Insect Theme




Looking for a classroom management tool to help with voice levels?

  • The Voice Level Cards is a quick and easy way to refer to the noise level in your classroom.
  • Voice Level Cards and Poster is an easy way to refer to the noise level in your classroom.
  • The voice level cards (2 per page) for you to show your students the appropriate voice level throughout your day!

How Can I use these?
You can use these in:

What’s Included:
“Voice Levels” Headers (Full page size)
Cards Voice Level 0-4

The following voice levels are included:
4- Outside
3- Speaker
2- Table Talk
1- Whisper
0- No voices

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at carolynscreativeclassroom@gmail.com

Don’t forget to leave FEEDBACK. I appreciate ALL feedback and always to keep improving!

Thank you for looking!
Carolyn Hacker
Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

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