Working on CVC words?

Looking for a Literacy Center to review phonemes and blending CVC words? Need hands-on literacy center to practice isolating beginning, middle, and ending sounds? Look no further!

Thanksgiving Turkey Alphabet Center

My students LOVE playdoh! It’s always a hit in the classroom. I try to have atleast one literacy/math center each week that incoporates Playdoh. It’s a great fine motor center that keeps students engaged! Grab it here>>> http://bit.ly/2LV2LC8

Build your student’s vocabulary and strengthen their writing skills with these monthly word wall sets! This set includes mulitple themed topics: Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, family tradition, emotions, Columbus Day, Fall and Voting/Election.

Find the November Word Walls here:
TPT: http://bit.ly/2ChM9P7
Website: http://bit.ly/2PSiunC