100th Day of School Activities (Literacy and Math Stations)




Are you looking for something for the 100th day? Are you ready to have some MAJOR fun with your kids and still be learning at the same time?

This packet comes with station signs with directions and recording sheets!

This includes the following stations:
– Snap Cube Center
– Lego Creation
– Button Sorting
– Pattern Block Creation
– 100 Cup Stacking
– 100 piece puzzle
– Crowns and Hats (5 designs to chose from)
– Gumball Craft (Bingo Dot Center)
– Create a picture using the numbers “1-0-0”
– Writing Station (3 prompts to choose from)
– Roll the dice to 100
– 100 Chart color and reveal
– Cookie Snack Label (color and black & white)
– Fruit Loop Necklace (comes with tags 10-20-30… to 100 days smarter!)
– Pokey Pin (2 chose from)
– Sensory Bin (number cards 1-100)
– Chain Link Station – (10 stripes of paper with 10 objects to color. Then glue to make a chain of 100 items)
– Links
– Bead Tower
– Hershey Kiss (hide 100 Hershey kisses and students find them and then record the ones they find on a hundred’s chart)
– 100 snack place mat
– Ice Cream Craft – counting by 10s (cut and glue activity)
– 2 Anchor Chart Posters

If there is anything you would like me to add or if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to write me at carolynscreativeclassrooms@gmail.com

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