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Anchor Charts are essential in a classroom. I was tired of making them EVERY year. I have found a solution! I pre-make them, laminate them, and REUSE them EVERY year.

I use Anchor Charts to teach certain skills and review skills. They are hung up in the classroom so students may refer back to them.

This resource includes:
* Anchor Chart Templates (You just print the pages, cut out the pieces, and glue them to the Anchor Chart. Use my picture examples to look at spacing. I printed some pieces on bright colored paper.

Anchor Charts Included:
– Are you a Bucket Filler?
– We are Kind Monsters!
– Germs are not for Sharing!
– Howard uses his WHOLE body to listen!
– Did you wash your hands?
– What Makes a Good Student?
– No David, Yes David

The Anchor Charts pair with these books: Howard Wigglebottom, Monstergarten, Tease Monster, No David, David Goes to School, Have you filled a bucket?, Glitter Germs, etc

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