Carpet Songs – Transition Songs & Chants Circle Time



Are you looking a way to get your class quickly and quietly to the carpet? There are 30 different songs and chants to help make transitioning to the carpet fun for your students!

Eliminate the “extra” time wasted getting kids to the carpet that are talking and not focused. These chants help keep your kids engaged singing so you don’t lose that precious teaching time!

What’s included?

  • 30 Poster sized Carpet Songs
  • 30 card sized Carpet songs (same songs smaller size)


1. Print out the cards (Optional: Use card stock for durability)

2. Laminate for durability

3. Put up on your morning meeting anchor chart or clip them together on a binder ring for easy use.

Have classroom jobs? Have a student choose a card each time your class transitions to the carpet/ rug time.

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Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

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