Editable Mother’s Day BINGO & Cards




Are you looking for a cute Mother’s Day activity during distance learning? Not sure how you are going to pull that off?!? Well, look no further! This can be sent via email, SeeSaw, Google Classroom, etc


What’s Included?

  • Option 1: BINGO Cards (Suggestion ideas and make your own that is editable! You get “mommy” “mummy” “momma” “aunts” “grandma”
  • Option 2: Card Template (Students can design their own card. Print & Fold Template)
  • Option 3: Card Template with student picture (“Happy Mother’s Day” full page and insert student picture. This can be sent digitally using PowerPoint editable file)
  • Parent Card Template – Teachers can send this card to parents to thank them for their support during distance learning!

How to use this?

  • Option 1: Print in the sheets and deliver to students.
  • Option 2: Send them digitally via email, SeeSaw, Google Classroom. (Please note this may only be sent to YOUR classroom/students. It must be posted only on a website that is password protected. Thank you for respecting my hard work!


What if I need something added?

If you would like any custom pages, please e-mail me at carolynscreativeclassroom@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to create it for you!


How do I open this?

Please note: You will need PowerPoint to be able to edit and view the “editable version” of this document. PowerPoint viewer will not work! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


You will need Adobe to view the PDF version of this document.


There is 2 files included. You will need to “unzip” to open and see the documents. If you have any trouble don’t hesitate to write me.

Thank you for visiting my store! Have a question before you purchase, please e-mail me at carolynscreativeclassroom@gmail.com


Carolyn Hacker

Carolyn’s Creative Classroom



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