EDITABLE Name Practice Sheets & Hands-on Name Practice Activities (Set #1)




Looking for name practice for your Prek or Kinder students??


These sheets are editable! You type the child’s name on the “class list” page and ALL student’s names will populate on all the activities listed below! You can save SO MUCH time with this resource!


This packet includes:

– Class List Page (This is where you type all your student’s names. There are 30 slots)

– Bottle Cap Mat & Bottle Cap Page

– Build It!

– Bingo Daubers Mat & Tracing

– Box It!

-Chalk Tracing (Dashed font)

– Cheez Its! (Use Cheez It letter snack to build names)

– Driving Names – Use mini cars and have student’s trace their name then use markers)

– Eraser Mat (Use mini erasers to build their name)

– Fruit Loop Mat (Use Fruit Loop Cereal to trace their name – Comes with an example!)

– Glitter Name (Trace name with Elmer’s glue and then sprinkle with glitter. Or use glitter pens!)



  • Type your class list on pg. 8
  • The names are completely editable, but the fonts are NOT editable. (They are embedded in this document).
  • You can choose to type the names in all capitals or Sentence style with a capital letter and rest lowercase.


  • Fonts are embedded in this document. If you have trouble, please e-mail me and I will send you the links to the fonts! <3


How do I open this?

★ You must have the most recent Adobe Reader to open and edit this document!


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