Flat Teacher Adventures! Mail yourself to your students! #DistanceLearningTPT




Send your students a mini version of you, note/poem, and TONS of fun things they can do at home while still hitting some standards!


This resource is geared for Prek-1st grade students. The activities can be differentiated depending on your students. I have included shoe tying, calm down strategies, cutting practice to sight word and addition flash cards. There are activities that are hands on like STEAM projects. For instance, there is a sheet for students to draw/brainstorm how to make the teacher a bed. Then a writing portion for them to explain how they made it.


Easy prep! Just select the sheets you need. Then send via mail.


You can also edit the BINGO card to make your own activities!


What’s Included?

  1. PDF File – Just print the template and sheets.
  2. PowerPoint File – Edit and add your own face to the teacher template. And BINGO card to edit your activities.
  3. The 2 files are zipped. You will need to unzip the files to see both of them!


  • Poem to the kids (male and female teacher)
  • Directions page
  • 2 BINGO card suggestions (Prek & K/1st grade)
  • Editable Blank BINGO card
  • 2 Teacher Templates (add your face and teacher with no hair to accessorize)
  • Teacher accessories (school stuff, dress up, pets, bed time)
  • Themed accessories for adventures (beach, picnic, BBQ, travel
  • Background Templates (Fold in half to make a scene/setting for playing) This comes in color and BW option. 14 options and blank template for kids to design
  • Reading Sheets: Sight word flash cards, Story Time, Alphabet cards (Primary and D’Nealian font)
  • Writing Sheets: Write a letter to a friend or teacher, Label the teacher, tell a story, Write about an adventure/bike ride/dinner/physical activity), Observe a bug and report, Make a play, book report, List it, Describe a movie, trace the alphabet, write your name.
  • Math Sheets: Measure me, Make a pattern, telling time, race to 100 with dice, addition and fact blank sheet for students to make
  • Other Sheets: Shoe tying, Cool Down strategies, I can cut sheets, draw a picture, Make a map
  • STEAM Sheets: Build it! 9 different sheets for students to build and record their creation!


**IMPORTANT – Please note ALL pictures and words typed are secured. You can’t edit them. You can only add your text and pictures to the PowerPoint.


Don’t forget to write feedback. I appreciate ALL feedback and it helps me to be better at my job!


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at carolynscreativeclassroom@gmail.com. Need a special order? Check my FB page and write a post under “personal requests.”


Thank you for visiting my store!


Carolyn Hacker

Carolyn’s Creative Classroom



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