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Are you looking for a way to help the transition in lining up? Eliminate kids fighting to be first, students cutting in line, arguing for spots, and long transition lining up!



  • 4S line Poster (silent, straight, still, smiling)
  • 4S line Poster (silent, straight, still, space)
  • Single Posters (Silent, straight, still, smiling and space) – 2 different designs
  • 30 Poster sized Line Up Songs
  • 30 card sized Line Up songs (same songs smaller size)
  • Sneaker and Apple Line up Spots (More themes coming soon!)
    • Line leader
    • Door Holder
    • Caboose
    • Lights
    • Numbers 1-30
    • Blank Version 1-30 (Student’s color their spot!)


How do I open this?

Please note: You will need Adobe or Adobe Viewer to open these posters. They are secured and flattened. There is no editable version included.


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