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Are you looking for a way to display your student’s feelings when they enter your room? Want it to be private but still give you insight on how they are feeling? This is a great tool to help build relationships with your students.


What’s Included?

  • How to pages (Different ways to use it in your classroom)
  • Option 1: (Check in, blue, green, yellow, and red zone with emoji clipart)
  • Option 2: (Check in, I’m Great!, I’m okay, I’m meh…, I’m scared, I’m sad!, I’m mad.
  • Titles and Banners ( Let’s Check In – 3 pages) and How are you feeling? (Comes in 3 different colors)
  • 7-14-2020 Added “I’m Hungry”

How to use this?

  • Small Group Instruction – This is perfect to pull a student and check in on them discreetly.
  • Whole Group – Perfect for quick review during Morning Meeting about feelings and how to help check on friends!
  • Teaching – Use this to teach emotions and how to regulate them.
  • Intervention – Use this as MTSS data for check in/ check out system!


Directions for use:

Option 1: Print the posters on cardstock for extra durability . I would recommend laminating them together. Then use clothes pins and have students clip their feelings as they enter the classroom or before Morning Meetings.

Option 2: Put the posters on your whiteboard/anchor chart. Have students use stick notes/themed cut outs and place it next to the poster.

What if I need something added?

If you would like any custom pages, please e-mail me at and I would be more than happy to create it for you!


How do I open this?

Please note: You will need Adobe Viewer to open these cards. They are secured and flattened. This is NOT editable! If you want to know if something is included please email me before purchasing!


Hope you find this resource useful! =)

Thank you for visiting my store! Have a question before you purchase, please e-mail me at


Carolyn Hacker

Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

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