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Are you having an Open House, Back to School Night, or Meet the Teacher Night? Need a PowerPoint Presentation to present all the information?

This is a PowerPoint presentation has 90+ slides or templates with clipart. You can add text ANYWHERE on the page and with ANY font! You can not change the title of the pages. However, there are blank slides where you can put any title you want. OR if you want to e-mail me at I would be more than happy to add them for you! You can rearrange the slide order to suit your needs. You will also be able to delete any slides that you don’t want in the presentation. You may also duplicate the slides if you need another slide.

Here are the slides that are included:

❤ Meet the Teacher

❤ Open House

❤ Welcome to our class

❤ Meet the Teacher (17 options to chose from)

❤ School Info

❤ Attendance (3 versions)

❤ Specials

❤ Learning Labs

❤ Art

❤ Music

❤ Spanish

❤ Ipads

❤ Computers

❤ Technology

❤ P.E.

❤ Library

❤ Volunteering

❤ Classroom Management

❤ Important

❤ Breakfast

❤ Lunch

❤ Snack

❤ Dress Code

❤ Dress Down

❤ Spirit Days

❤ Birthdays

❤ Homework

❤ Sending Money

❤ Don’t Forget!

❤ Calendar

❤ Transportation

❤ Bus

❤ Parent Pick-Up

❤ Car Riders

❤ Aftercare

❤ Van Rider

❤ Bike Rider

❤ Walker

❤ Daycare

❤ Karate

❤ Clubs

❤ Tutoring

❤ Office Hours

❤ Grading

❤ Report Cards

❤ School Supplies

❤ Contact Info (4 to choose from)

❤ Wishlist (2 versions)

❤ Schedule (2 versions)

❤ Communication

❤ Open House Packet

❤ Tardy Policy (2 versions)

❤ Curriculum

❤ Ways to help at home

❤ Questions

❤ Reading

❤ Math

❤ Writing

❤ Science

❤ Social Studies

❤ Behavior

❤ Medicine

❤ Social Media

❤ Cell Phone

AND 10 blank slides to customize for your needs!

Make sure you have the correct program for this resource. To edit the files, you should use PowerPoint (newer than 2003). If you are trying to use a different program, you may run into various formatting issues. I won’t be able to help you with. ONLINE versions of PowerPoint and programs such as Google Slides do not have the same capabilities as the full version of PowerPoint (Font issues, etc.). If you don’t have access to the FULL version of PowerPoint at home, check with your school.

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Thank you for looking!

Carolyn Hacker

Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

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