Onset and Rime Bat Literacy Center


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Are you looking for themed bat literacy centers in October? Need hands-on literacy center to practice onset and rime? Look no further!

What’s Included?

  • 50 CVC word/picture cards for Onset and Rime
  • Word Families Included: -ab, -ad, -ag, -am, -an, -ap, -at, -ed, -eg, -en, -et, -id, -ig, -in, -ip, -it, -og, -op, -ot, -ub, -ud, -ug, -um (1 card), -un, -us (1 card), -ut

How do I open this?

Please note: You will need Adobe Viewer to open these cards. They are secured and flattened. To open the editable version you will need PowerPoint!

Hope you find this resource useful! =) Don’t forget to write feedback.

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Carolyn Hacker

Carolyn’s Creative Classroom



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