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Get these place value posters for your classroom to match your theme!


Décor Theme: Airplane Theme


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This set includes:

  • Place Value Posters
    • These posters show the base ten example, number, value in word form and base ten blocks
    • Ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands
    • Word Form Poster
    • Standard Form
    • Expanded Form
    • Pictorial Form
    • Base Ten Form
    • 10 ones = 1 ten
    • 10 tens = hundred
    • 10 hundreds = thousand
    • Base Ten Blocks Poster
    • Ones Chart – show the value in word form
    • Tens Chart (2 versions) – see thumbnail example
    • Hundreds Chart (2 versions)
    • Thousands Chart (2 versions)
    • Banner – “PLACE VALUE”


How to Use:

Use these place value posters to teach base ten block recognition and place value in a fun and engaging way. You can use the place value posters and cards during small group, whole group, circle/rug time, and center time.


How to Prep:

Just print, cut, and laminate! In centers, print these half sizes and put them on a ring!



Each poster will print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. However, you can print these smaller in your printer settings.


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