Pocket Chart Predictable Sentences – August / Back to School Version



Do your students need help forming sentences? Need something students feel confident doing but still work on literacy skills?

This Pocket Chart center is August themed. Like this version, but want another month.. Check out my store!

** THERE IS AN EDITABLE VERSION “My name is” and you can type your student’s names. ALSO, an added bonus… You can add your student’s pictures to the cards to make it predictable and FUN! The remaining cards are in PDF version.

This Pocket Chart Activity includes 10 different versions of sentences for your students to unscramble. It works on the sight words (a, at, can, here, I, is, look, you, see, the, my) and writing sentence. This activity also focuses on sentence structure using by students using a capital letter in the beginning of the sentence and using punctuation at the end. These sentences include period, exclamation and a question mark.The words that go together to make a complete sentence all have the same picture on the card. Over 300+ pages in this!

After the students correctly unscramble each sentence, they can write the complete sentence on the recording sheet provided. This provides evidence for the teacher showing what sentences the students unscramble in the center. There are recording sheets to differentiate for learners (tracing and writing sentence independently).

It also includes “I can” poster so students know the center expectation and comes with pictures for each pocket chart sentence card game.

To Use: Print each page on card stock paper, laminate for durability, cut apart, and put the cards in a Ziploc bag and put in a literacy center with a pocket chart for students to unscramble.

***If you do not have a pocket chart, the sentences can still be used simply by placing the words on the floor or table.

I hope your students LOVE this activity! Please be sure to like and follow me for FREEBIES and more!

Miss. Hacker
Carolyn’s Creative Classroom

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