Polka Dot Data Clip Chart – Kindergarten/1st Grade



Need Data in your classroom? It is mandatory that I have data in my classroom. I wanted a way that was easy to track, appealing, and was easy enough for Kindergarten to understand data and their goal. I have been using these for 4 years now! We celebrate every time a student is able to move up the chart!

This will be a GROWING BUNDLE!!

The charts that are included:
– Capital Letters
– Lowercase Letters
– Letter Sounds
– Number Recognition
– Number Words
– Counting to 100 (by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s)
-Counting to 100 (0-10, 0-20, 0-30, etc)
-Counting to 100 (0-10, 11-20, 21-30. etc)
– Addition Fluency (1-10 addition facts)
– Sight words (1-100 words by 10, 1-220 words by 20)
– Reading Levels (PC, RB, AA, A, B, C, D, E, F) ** Now to Level O 1-20-18
– Color Words
– I can write a sentence

This is not an editable version. I will be adding editable version at a later date!

Looking for more to track? Want me to add something? E-mail me at carolynscreativeclassroom@gmail.com

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