Kindergarten Screening Assessment – Handouts, Resources, Assessment Tools



Are you looking for something to assess your Pre-K student at the end of the year OR upcoming Kindergarten students?

This 229 page packet comes with:

  • Parent Assessment Sheet (Gives feedback on their child’s score)
  • Assessment Sheets – Printable pages for teacher’s to assess
  • Printable Manipulatives ( counters, counting bears)
  • Parent Resources for all skills being assessed. So you can give the parent sheets to have them review over the Summer.
  • Labels – Put on bins to put your copies for Parent Hand outs. There are 11 Labels that cover the 11 skills being tested. 1 label for each handout to give to the parents after the screening).
  • Binder Labels

What skills are assessed with this packet?

– Colors (“grey” and “gray” options)

– Onset & Rime

– Name writing

– Syllables

– Rhyming

– Sentence Reading

– Oral Language

– Capital Letters

– Lowercase Letters

– Letter Sounds

– Identify Numbers 1-20

– Oral Counting 1-20

– 1 to 1 Correspondence to 20

– 2D Shapes

– Positional Words

– Left and Right

What parent resources are included?

All Games and Flashcards come in color and black & white version!

  • Alphabet Chart (Primary and D’Nealian font)
  • Trace Alphabet WKST
  • Alphabet Flashcards (capital and lowercase) (Primary and D’Nealian font)
  • Letter Sound Game (Student grabs a beach ball card and says the sound) with a recording sheet
  • Color cards with 2 recording sheets
  • Onset and Rime puzzles
  • 5 Name Practice Sheets ( Rainbow write, Lego building name, writing lines to practice)
  • Syllable Sorting Game Cards with 2 recording sheets
  • Rhyming Matching Card Game with 2 recording sheets
  • Positional Word Cards – Act out positional words with a cut and glue recording sheet
  • Shape Flash Cards
  • 5 Shape BINGO cards
  • Number Flash Cards 1-20
  • 2 Color by Numbers (Numbers 1-10, Numbers 11-20)
  • 1-20 Counting Cards (Count the apples, count the counters in the ten frames)

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