Shake and Spill: Making Numbers 2-10 [Compose and Decompose Numbers 2-10]



Product Description

Need something to review and teach how to compose and decompose for numbers 2 to 10? This is a print and go resource! This creation is CCSS aligned and gives many different ways for students to “show what they know” using number bond, ten frames, and counters.

What’s included?

  • Cover & Example Pages (Pg 1-5)
  • I can Poster (pg 6-7)
  • Student Mats [Full page in color. Have students make numbers by placing the counters on the mat. This also includes 1 sheet with number bonds as well. Use this for pulling small groups or centers too! Number 2-10 included] (Pg. 8-19)
  • Practice Cards [Half sheets – Laminate them and have student record answers with EXPO markers. Numbers 2-10] (Pg 20-29)
  • Recording Sheets [Use these in multiple ways – Exit tickets, center accountability, re-teaching composing and decomposing, etc. Numbers 2-10] (Pg 30-48)
  • Copyright pages (49-52)


Students will need two sided counters for this activity. Find the counters I use here!

How to Play:

Students will shake and spill the counters onto their desk/mat. Then create an equation that equals 2-10. Then they will color and write their equation on the recording sheet.


Super easy! Just print and laminate the mats, practice cards, and I can poster. Print and copy the corresponding recording sheets.

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