Smartboard Lesson: Making 10, Add to make 10, Composing Numbers to 10




Need an intro lesson on Making 10? Hands-on lesson for composing numbers? Want students to be able to drag and move objects to make 10 on a ten frame? This is perfect!


What is included?

Lesson 1:

Slide 1-4: Smartboard Cover and example

Slide 5: Lesson Cover (Making 10 using models and pictures)

Slide 6: Essential Question

Slide 7: I Can… (Objective)

Slide 8: Warm Up – Video

Slide 9-14 Vocabulary Words (10, ten frame, equation, addition, equal)

Slide 15-17: Teach How fill ten frame and count

Slide 18-25 How many more to make 10?

Slide 26: Let’s Practice

Slide 27-29: Add to make 10 (slide counters)

Slide 30: Your Turn (Practice drawing 10 frame and fill in equation)

Slide 31: Hot Question/ Check for Understanding


Lesson 2:

Slide 32: Lesson Cover (Making 10 with equation)

Slide 33: Essential Question

Slide 34: I Can… (Objective)

Slide 35: Warm Up – Video

Slide 36-39: Teach 10 Frame – Count to 10

Slide 40-49: How many more to make 10? (Interactive objects)

Slide 50: Hot Question/ Check for Understanding

Slide 51: Let’s Practice

Slide 52-54: Add to make 10

Slide 55-61: Your Turn (Color pictures in 10 frame and make equation)

Slide 62: Let’s Review

Slide 63: Spin the Spinner/Fill Ten frame/Write Equation

Slide 64-69 Roll the Dice/Fill Ten frame/write equation

Slide 70: Video

Slide 71 – Game Time!

Slide 72 – Game Show Game (With 11 multiple choice questions)

Slide 73-76 Copyright pages


How do I open this?

★ You must have the most recent Smartboard Software to open and play this document! Make sure you have updated your software or you WON’T be able to open the game!


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