Smartboard Lesson Counting On by 1s to 20



Need an intro lesson on Counting on by 1s? Hands-on lesson for Counting on by 1s to 20?


What is included?

Slide 1: Smartboard Cover

Slide 2: Lesson Cover (Counting on from any given number)

Slide 3: Essential Question

Slide 4: I Can… (Objective)

Slide 5: Warm Up – Video

Slide 6-9: Teach How to Count on

Slide 10: Let’s Practice

Slide 11-14 Practice Counting on by moving object

Slide 15: How to use numberline

Slide 16-21 Your Turn (Practice Counting on with number line)

Slide 22 – Let’s Review

Slide 23-27 Roll the Dice and write the next 3 numbers

Slide 28 – Game Time!

Slide 29 – Game Show Game (With 10 multiple choice questions)


How do I open this?

★ You must have the most recent Smartboard Software to open and play this document!


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