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Are you teaching about choices? Consequences? This packet will help you teach what a “happy” and “sad” choice is to your students. Use the pocket chart cards for a hands-on lesson. Use the cute teacher book to read the social story. Then review with the student booklets for them to read and color!

This is perfect for PreK, Preschool, Kindergarten, your ELL and special education students!


  • Intro/Example/Directions (Pg 1-8)
  • Choices Song: (Pg 9-10)
  • Pocket Chart Cards: (Pg 11-58) Review choices by placing the cards in happy and sad columns. Use the yellow and blue set to make a poster to put up in your classroom. Use the black outline set for sorting. Print these 2 to a page to make them smaller for cards to put on rings for students.
  • Anchor Chart Song (Pg 59-68) Use my example to make the anchor chart song. This song is a great way to engage your students and reminder for the whole year about making happy choices.
  • Teacher Booklet: (Pg 69-110) (In full color) At the beginning of the year, I read this book to the kids. It is a kid friendly social story that rhymes! It tells the students what is expected, what it sounds and looks like. There are male and female teacher options included! I print these and laminate them front to back. Then I bind them together!
  • Student Booklet: (Pg 111-131) (In Black and White): This booklet is half sheets. Print them front to back. Then staple them together to make mini booklets that they can color. Then take home to share with parents. It is in a kid friendly sentences using sight words “I can.”
  • Copyright Pages (Pg 132-135)

How do I open this?

Please note: You will need Adobe or Adobe Viewer to open these posters. They are secured and flattened. There is no editable version included.

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